Dispersed Families Survey

Thank you for visiting our survey page.  Please take a minute to read the information below to make sure that you are eligible to take part and complete the most relevant survey.

Please be as honest as possible. All of your answers will remain confidential and anonymous, and will be grouped with other people’s responses so that you cannot be identified.

The survey should take at most 10-15 minutes to complete. We are offering a prize draw as a thank you for completing our survey, with a chance to win an Apple iPad (9.7” screen 128GB) for one lucky person.  *Further details at the end of the survey!


The project

The Dispersed Families project aims to identify whether RAF families who live away from the Duty Station experience different benefits and issues to those living closer.  We will use the information gathered in order to try to increase awareness of these, and to improve access to information and support where needed.

This research is being carried out by the RAF Families Federation, as the first part of a 2 year project and using a special government grant.  The RAF Families Federation is an independent organisation that sits outside of the RAF chain of command, representing and supporting the RAF’s serving personnel and their families. 

Who can complete the survey

We would like to hear from current RAF Regular and Reservist Personnel and their partners whose family home / primary residence is 10 miles or more away from the duty station. 

This will include:

  1. Married RAF Serving Personnel, their spouses, civil partners, and those in long-term relationships
  2. Families living in privately owned or rented homes, as well as those living in remote SFA

The following groups will not be able to take part in this piece of research:

  • RAF Serving Personnel and their families who live within 10 miles of their duty station
  • children within dispersed families
  • parents or other relatives of dispersed Serving Personnel, even if designated as Next of Kin
  • Unmarried RAF Serving Personnel currently not married or in a civil partnership or long-term relationship
  • members of other UK Armed Services, unless their spouse / partner serves in the RAF
  • RAF families currently on overseas accompanied tours (we have a separate survey planned for you at a later date!)

Breakdown of which survey you should complete

Non-serving RAF spouses, civil partners, and long-term partners Non-serving survey 
RAF Serving Personnel (Regular and Reserve) with a non-serving spouse / partner Serving survey
RAF Serving Personnel (Regular and Reserve) with a serving spouse / partner (in any UK service) Dual Serving survey
Serving Personnel (in any UK service) with a spouse / partner serving in the RAF  Dual Serving survey

If you are still unsure or have any other questions then please email the Project Manager: tor.johnson@raf-ff.org.uk    


Image: Example image of an Ipad which you could win (colour combination may vary).

*Prize Draw Terms and Conditions (downloadable Word doc)

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