Remember, silence can often be seen as satisfaction. Help us to help you influence change for your service and your future.

Dispersed Families Survey

This survey is live until midnight on Monday 19th February. All of your answers will remain confidential and anonymous, and will be grouped with other people’s responses so that you cannot be identified. Click on the appropriate box below to be linked to your specific survey.

The survey should take at most 10-15 minutes to complete. We are offering a prize draw as a thank you for completing our survey, with a chance to win an Apple iPad (9.7” screen 128GB) for one lucky person. 

Further information on the survey and the project itself can be found in our Dispersed Families section of this website.


Transition Survey 

THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all who took part, your contribution to the results is appreciated.

You can still provide input to this survey however and information is located on the Transition section of this website. 

Quality of Life Survey 2017

This survey is now closed. Just under 1,300 of you completed the survey so thank you for taking the time to share with us your thoughts. To find out when the report goes live, simply sign up to our weekly eBULLETIN and we'll let you know when it's available.

Thank you for playing your part in helping influence change for the future.

Our latest reports

Our reports section online shares all federation reports prior to 2016.

Without you, we have no voice...

We are funded by the RAF but sit outside the Chain of Command as an independent organisation. We provide a voice for the issues and concerns you have about life in the RAF, and we have direct access to senior RAF and MOD staffs as well as DIO and Government Ministers.

We will always maintain your anonymity and respect your privacy.

Together with your feedback, we can help influence positive change.

Our surveys are complete for this year. Please take part in our surveys next year, if you sign up to our eBULLETIN, (click on the subscribe tab), you'll receive notification when they recommence.

Our Reports are proof that we use your evidence to influence change and available online in electronic format, or you can request a hard copy sent to you by contacting us on

We collect evidence in all sorts of ways

Voting pads


Our Evidence Team can come to you on your Station and run really short, snappy interactive workshops using voting pads. Allow an hour per workshop and learn more about how the Families Federation can help you too.

Online, in your own time

We have various short surveys available online where you simply click in and whiz down through the survey. Takes 5 minutes! We can't see who the results are from either; only the Station you are from so we can address potential key issues in regional locations.

Have an idea for a survey?

Contact the RAF FF team to share any ideas on what areas you think we should investigate more and we'll investigate further.

Keep in touch

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